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Protect Your Car’s Interior This Winter

With the worst of winter just around the corner, you will want to protect your car’s interior from the harsh weather. With these simple tips, you can keep your cabin in great shape when spring arrives.

Shield the floor

As the roads around Havelock get covered with slush and road salt, it’s easy to accidentally trek them into your car. With all-weather floor mats, protect your vehicle’s carpeting will be a breeze — no matter the weather forecast. You can also get in the habit of keeping a second pair of shoes in the car that you can change into if you want a clean and dry floor.

Protect your seats

Shield your cloth seats from the elements with water-resistant covers, which are effective against mud, water, road salt, and more. If your car has leather seats, condition them occasionally with leather wipes to keep them hydrated and minimize the chance they will crack as it gets colder.

Minimize trash

Keep your cabin clean so you can avoid winter clutter in your car. With a small trash receptacle, you can reduce the chance of spills and make sure everything has its place. This step will let you skip the spring cleaning phase when the weather warms up.

At Village Motors of Conover, we’re determined to help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, no matter the weather. Contact us today for more tips on how to keep your car’s interior pristine this winter, or to browse our extensive selection of pre-owned models.