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Useful Car Care Tips for New Drivers

Learning how to drive is a major life milestone for most teens. While most training focuses on driving safety and road rules, many new drivers are not aware of how to take care of their vehicles. If you’re new to the road or have a teen driver in your family, here are some helpful vehicle tips that everybody should know.

Get to know your vehicle

The more you drive, the more you learn to recognize the way your vehicle acts and the way it’s supposed to sound. You should also take time to become familiar with its exterior. Make it a habit of inspecting your car by, for example, doing a walk-around once a week. This way, you will be better able to notice problems and get them taken care of quickly.

Follow maintenance recommendations

Every vehicle comes with its own routine maintenance schedule. This timeline will tell you when you should do certain maintenance tasks like getting the oil changed or rotating the tires. When you follow the plan, your car is more likely to drive better and not suffer major breakdowns.

Understand warning lights

When a warning light turns on, do not ignore it. These alerts are there to warn you about potential problems. Use your owner’s manual or the internet to learn what each symbol means.

For more car care tips that are important for new drivers and seasoned veterans alike, contact us at Village Motors of Conover.