2014 Dodge Viper - Conover, NC

The First Dodge Viper Ever Just Sold for Double its Value

When it was first introduced to the automotive world, the Dodge Viper redefined what a performance vehicle could be. Recently, the first Dodge Viper ever produced went on auction, and its final bid was double the estimated price.

This particular Dodge Viper was previously owned by the late Lee Iacocca. Iacocca helped to develop cars like the Ford Mustang, and later served as the CEO of Chrysler in an era where the company was producing innovative vehicles like the Dodge Caravan, the very first minivan.

Unfortunately, Iacocca passed away last year, and his Viper was put up for auction by his estate. With the official title of Dodge Viper SRT-10 VIN 001, this was the very first Viper to roll off the assembly line.

Prior to the auction event in Scottsdale, Arizona, estimates placed the final bid of the Viper at less than $150,000. However, when the last offer was placed, that amount had grown to $285,000, proving just how much money people are willing to spend for a unique piece of automotive history.

While the Viper may not be a part of the Dodge lineup anymore, you can learn more about the performance vehicles that Dodge still offers here at Village Motors of Conover.

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